About myself

My life has been defined by many emotional experiences (both happy and painful) – they have made it interesting and eventful; they have pleased me with luck and great joy but also put me through deep sorrow and suffering.

Looking back, I realize that first and foremost the painful experiences have allowed me to lead a more conscious life and furthered my spiritual development.  

Friederike Tönnies

Today I live in harmony with myself. I feel love and connectedness between
myself and everything that is.

I want to thank my teachers and those who have guided and supported me
along my path:

  • Jean-Louis, Master of The Reiki Alliance (Reiki I und II)
  • Ursula Haller (Silva Method: Foundation and Upgrade)
  • Satsanga Sabine Korte for her wonderful seminar „Temple of the Heart“
    and for instructing me in spiritual heart healing
  • Chintan Vacheron for being an outstanding trauma therapist and
    craniosacral teacher
  • Anadi for his effective class „Touch in Meditation“
  • Dr. Brian L. Weiss, whose interesting and enlightening books inspired
    me to study past-life regression through hypnosis
  • Bärbel, Günter und Björn Heede for their extensive and inspiring
    instruction in Matrix Energetics
  • My friends, who were there for me at the right place at the right time
  • And last but not least, my children Philip and Swantje, whose candidness
    and clear mindset provided a helpflul reflection in my development.

Personal experience allows me to empathise with clients when tracing their central life themes
and enables me to lift and transform physical, mental and emotional blockades.

I am happy and grateful whenever I can help others on their path toward greater self-awareness, consciousness and joy.